A quick script in case you need to need to ask what God hath wrought. Link to GitHub Project #!/usr/bin/python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #convert a string of input text to morse code import serial #morse code array morseDict = { ‘a’:’13’, ‘b’:’3111′, ‘c’:’3131′, ‘d’:’311′, ‘e’:’1′, ‘f’:’1131′, ‘g’:’331′, ‘h’:’1111′,Continue Reading

For Level 8, we’re given a look at another compression format, bz2. Not being a mac user, I’m more familiar with gz. Not a lot of commentary here, as it really boiled down to whether your google-fu turned up a reference for bz2. Yes, you have a bee, yes theyContinue Reading

It’s Python Challenge Day 2 and we’re off and rolling with strings! The title gives a solid direction for this one.

In the third challenge, we’re going to use the str.isLower and str.isUpper functions to find special characters based on case. First a test run, using a short string and trying to identify where our surrounded character is making his last stand. alpha = “abCDeFGHiJKLmNopqrStuvwxyz” for index, char in enumerate(alpha): ifContinue Reading