One of the things I’m tossing around for improving the accessibility of the research the scholars at my office is to start working with them to develop infographics to accompany the papers they produce. Although the process has gone more the direction of “I’ll do all the work and produceContinue Reading

Node The ReadMe directions work pretty quite well, this is mostly just another build-specific set of directions, simplified. Getting the right dependency versions proved to be something of a pain, but the directions for dependencies while I was getting TileMill up and running are the same. If you’re already moving,Continue Reading

Getting TileMill up on Ubuntu 11.10 is pretty straightforward following the directions on building from source. The only snags seem to be that the one-line install for npm didn’t work and I had to grab the repo and follow the readme to get it moving. A couple minor hiccups: IContinue Reading

In addition to all the fantastic work they’ve done with Drupal modules in the past, the guys over at Development Seed have been working on MapBox for a while. These guys have shifted their impressive creative machine in the direction of mapping and come up with a fantastic product. AddContinue Reading

Everybody has their own preferences, here are mine… at the moment.

Having just finished the first pass at a single site xml RSS feed reader for Android, I can say that the world of mobile technology is stunningly impressive. To draw a quick comparison, less than a year ago I was using a phone (albeit overpowered for lack of paying forContinue Reading

This is pretty impressive. I might want to check on extending the capabilities, depending on what Blog API can do. The app does allow taxonomy, so I suspect there is a significant amount of extensibility based on cck fields.