A satisfying little vibration reverberates through the tool as the axe lodges itself in the ice. It's a good stick. A few rocks up and down and the second axe lifts out of a pocket. A subtle glare gives away a small concave dip right at arm's length above my head and a touch off center, my target.  Keep the hips in, long arms. A swing and a thunk and the second axe tossed chips of ice back over me.  One more swing and the axe sinks itself in with a distinctively clean *thup*.  I give it a light tug to check if the placement is stable.  Gotta remember to...

Sending Fortis, a fun climb at the Talking Headwall of Elizabeth Furnace. [map]

Burnt Cabins from Dan McEwan on Vimeo.


A first attempt at some Jeep-attached GoPro footage.

A life well lived requires risk. An epic story demands epic moments. In the run up to turning 30 this past November, I played the nostalgia game and considered whether I had been living life deliberately. In finding a mixed answer to that question, I've come to realize that I have not.  In a rushed lunge at the dying light of my 20's I started a push towards something I considered a more aggressively real life.  Much of this push has come from surrounding myself with fantastic people who undertake awesome adventures - one does as one's community does.  In the last few months...