It seems more than a little odd that Italy is leading the charge against individual freedom to build sandcastles. According to a recent BBC article at least one Italian mayor is looking to curb an individual’s freedom to wear revealing clothing, something which strikes me as more than a littleContinue Reading

As of May 6, the first native language country code top level domains (ccTLD) were released into the wild by ICANN. The first three released are for the Emirates, Egypt and Saudi. For security reasons which make a fair amount of sense, the ability for a browser to display non-LatinContinue Reading

Why fitting into the ‘political spectrum’ isn’t helpful. In a post here an assistant professor from Seton Hall is quoted as saying “Political events work best when the point of view is clear and consistent,” he says. “But if you notice, both Jon Stewart and Colbert mock people across theContinue Reading

So while looking through the texts I hadn’t yet hit for my thesis, I found a commentary on the “ships of women” who followed the Crusaders in the late 12th C, written by a Syrian chronicler. Reminded me of going to Manzy… “There arrived by ship three hundred lovely FrankishContinue Reading