A Python Morse Code translator

A quick script in case you need to need to ask what God hath wrought.
Link to GitHub Project

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

#convert a string of input text to morse code
import serial

#morse code array
morseDict = {
		' ':'00000',
text = raw_input('Please enter your string:\n')
text_div = list(text)
for item in text_div:
	if (item == ' '):
		item = '0'
#print text_div
morse_list = list()
for char in text:
	for key in morseDict:
		if (char.lower() == key):
			value = morseDict[key]
#print morse_list
morse_out = '0'
for item in morse_list:
	morse_out = morse_out + item + '0'
print 'Your text string in Morse Code is: \n' 
print morse_out